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The mission of Silver Lining Builders is to create a quality living experience by building exceptional homes and inspired, usable spaces.

Since 2000 we have been building and remodeling homes in Boulder, Colorado.  

Building with us is an experience. Just like in our personal lives, we bring character, commitment, and creativity to every endeavor. We recognize that a large part of your life is spent in your home, likely with family and friends. Your living space is a reflection of who you are and the life you want to live.

We value our clients, work with them as friends, and pride ourselves in knowing every square inch of each project. By building individual relationships, we are better qualified to creatively offer design and build solutions, in a manner that befits your unique living style.

Many of our projects have “thumb prints” or special features that we create with our clients. This might include a secret staircase or hidden door, landscaping that brings the outside in, or something as simple as a clean white garage entrance to make coming home feel better. Check out our projects to get a sense of how we have brought this unique style of building to our community.

We marry quality, integrity, and dependability in each step of the build process from start to finish and into the future as you fill your new home. Come work with us, let us build a space where you love to live.

Isaac Savitz, Owner – Silver Lining Builders, Boulder, CO

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