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I did a complete remodel of a 3100 sq. ft. condo with Isaac- all new floors, new trim ( including curved archways), plaster walls and ceilings, kitchen cabinets, counters and sink, and extensive wall removal and relocations. Isaac’s resourcefulness made the job easy. He consistently came up with answers to all the looks I wanted. Working with him was awesome! I found him fair with pricing and open to being questioned if anything seemed out of line. Isaac truly wants his customers to be happy with his work. I don’t think it’s so much about his business reputation- with Isaac it’s personal. He really cares- a quality you may not find so easily if you’re dealing with building contractors. It was a great experience. I highly recommend him. – Jay – Boulder, Colorado

Silver Lining Builders brought my home up out of the ashes of a (very) old one in 2011. Working with Isaac went far beyond expectations – he brought skill, courtesy, constant contact and availability, boundless energy and indescribable generosity in going above and beyond. When he told me it would take 8 to 10 months to build my 1500-square-foot house, my face fell and he immediately committed to doing it faster so that I could return home after a disastrous fire loss. From groundbreaking to move-in was exactly seven months – amazing. Isaac and all his crews worked in unaccustomed ways to get me home as soon as possible, and they did it beautifully and very closely within budget (there is always a bit of the unexpected, and most of the overage came from my own tweaks as we went). Isaac created my new-old house (new because replacing the old, and also in the style of a “new old house”), with professional skill, good cheer, and exacting attention to quality, and it is truly beautiful and comfortable – and home. I am proud to know and recommend Isaac and – huge bonus – to have become good friends. – Julie – Boulder, Colorado

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